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Softball Registration

Online Sport Registration will be open:

February 26, 2019 at 9:00 am to March 13, 2019 at midnight.

In person registration: March 12 at 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm

(Cash, Mastercard, Visa only – NO Cheques)

All late registrations will automatically be charged at $50 fee.

This program is open to Gateway Catchment Area Residents only.  Registrations that do not belong in the catchment area will be withdrawn and refunded.  Please review catchment area policy below.

Make sure you watch your email that you register your child with, for important registration updates from Gateway convenors. 

For information on the program please contact the Softball Convenor: Matt Betker:


Softball usually starts at the beginning of May and finishes at the end of June.

Both boys and girls can start playing at the age of 3. At or before the age of 9, boys move over to hardball and girls stay with softball.

Age Categories & Game Days

Learn to Play 1 – T-Ball (born in 2013-2016) Boys & Girls – Monday & Wednesday
Learn to Play 2 – Penny Ball (2011-2012) Boys & Girls – Tuesday & Thursday
U10 (2009-2010) Girls Only – Monday & Wednesday
U12 (2007-2008) Girls Only – Tuesday & Thursday
U14 (2005-2006) Girls Only – Monday & Wednesday
U16 (2003-2004) Girls Only – Tuesday & Thursday
U19 (2000-2002) Girls Only – Monday & Wednesday


Every player requires a softball glove, a batting helmet with a cage and a pair of running shoes. U10 players and all pitchers are required to wear a fielding mask. Masks are available for purchase from NESA for $45.00.

Optional equipment includes a softball bat, batting gloves and cleats.


A $75 jersey deposit cheque will be collected from the coach at the first game.

Softball Registration Fee

Learn to Play   4 to 6    = $162

Lean to Play 7 and 8    = $172

Softball        9&UP        = $222


Evaluations will be held on two dates for each age category. The first is for general skills, the second is for batting.

First Evaluations
U10: March 19 6:00-8:00 @ Joseph Teres School
U12: March 18 6:00-8:00 @ Radisson School
U14: March 21 6:00-8:00 @ Westview School
U16: March 19 8:00-10:00 @ Radisson School
U19: March 21 8:00-10:00 @ Wayota School
Second Evaluations will be on April 6 @ Gateway Rec Center
U10: 9:00-10:30
U12: 11:00-12:30
U14: 1:00-2:30
U16: 3:00-4:30
U19: 3:00-4:30


Softball Clinics

If you or your children love softball and miss it during the winter or if your son or daughter have never played before, the North East Softball Association is offering a variety of inexpensive skill camps. Please visit their web site at for more information.


Interested in Coaching? Softball Manitoba offers coaching clinic’s in April and May. Check their website at for more information.


Umpires are needed. Please go to the North East Softball Web page for more information.


Gateway Recreation Centre Catchment Area

All youth spring registrations are required to belong to the Gateway Catchment Area. Registrations that do not belong in the catchment area will be withdrawn and refunded. Please see list of streets in the catchment area or the catchment area map.

Click here to view a list of the Gateway Catchment Area Streets

Catchment Area Map

Volunteer (Special Events)

During the online registration you may check that you are interested in volunteering for a special event or coaching.
Gateway Volunteer Credit Policy


Deposits for jerseys will be collected at the first team meeting. A postdated deposit cheque will be required at that time. If the jersey is returned at the end of the season the deposit cheque will be destroyed.

Withdrawal Refund Policy

Registration fees will be refunded to any player who has registered and then subsequently decided not to play or was unable to play. These fees will be refunded on the following basis.

  1. An administration fee will be deducted (minimum of $25.00) from the refund amount.
  2. Any costs incurred by the player will be deducted. These costs include fees for tryouts or clinics.
  3. A pro-rated amount will be deducted for any games/sessions the player has played. This pro-rated amount is based on the registration fee minus the above items.
  4. The refund amount must also take into consideration any discounted rates paid.
  5. Once three regular-season scheduled games/sessions have been played by the team no refund will be issued.