The Great North Kildonan Scavenger Hunt

Gateway Recreation Center is thrilled to announce that we were awarded funding from Counsellor Browaty through the City of Winnipeg Wellness Fund Grant.  The money will be used to fund the Great North Kildonan Scavenger Hunt that is open to ALL residents of North Kildonan.  Better yet, Counsellor Browaty is volunteering and helping us run the event!


The following themed scavenger hunts will run as follows:

Entry Forms for each Scavenger Hunt will be available on this Website on the first day of the Hunt (Feb 19, March 26 and April 23, 2021)


#1 February 19 to 28 – Theme “Historic NK”  – Draw: Monday, March 1

NK History Answer Key


#2 March 26 to April 4- Theme “Fun NK”  – Draw: Tuesday, April 6 (after Easter Monday)

#3 April 23 to May 2- Theme “Taking Care of Business”  – Draw: Monday, May 3


Scavenger Hunt Rules:

  1. One Team entry per household, per scavenger hunt.
  2. Households MUST be located in the North Kildonan Ward. To confirm your address is in NK, check
  3. Participants must not trespass on private land. All items are on outdoor public spaces.
  4. Participants must obey all Province of Manitoba Health Regulations and maintain physical distancing from other Teams.
  5. Submissions must be received by 5 pm on Sunday (Feb 28, April 4 and May 2) to be eligible for the draw.

In the event of any dispute the decision of the judges Is final.


Prizes are as follows:

Prizes – Round 1 – Historic North Kildonan

5 – $75 Rae’s Bistro & Lounge, 925 Headmaster Row,

5 – $50 Jeffrey’s Restaurant & Lounge, 1420 Henderson Hwy, & $25 Pita Pit, B-2360 Main Street,

5 – $50 Empress of China, 14-1050 Henderson Hwy, & $25 Burrito Splendido, 1046A Henderson Hwy,

5 – $50 Shooters Family Golf, 2731 Main Street, & $25 Za Pizza Bistro, C-2360 Main Street,

5 – $40 Sushi Daruma, 34-1128 Henderson Hwy, & $35 Salisbury House, 1277 Henderson Hwy,

5 – $40 Smitty’s Family Restaurant & Lounge, 9-1919 Henderson Hwy, & $30 Chicken Chef, 2539 Main Street,


1 – Team Name – $100 Rae’s Bistro & Lounge, 925 Headmaster Row, @ $25 Mountain Bean, 5-2001 Henderson Hwy,

1 – Team Spirit – $100 Rae’s Bistro & Lounge, 925 Headmaster Row, @ $25 Mountain Bean, 5-2001 Henderson Hwy,

*All prizes are awarded in Gift Certificates, there is no cash equivalent.  In the event a gift card/certificate cannot be redeemed for any reason, neither Gateway Recreation Centre or the City of Winnipeg will be able to provide any replacement or compensation.


Gateway Recreation Centre and Councillor Jeff Browaty encourage all residents to get outside and stay active this winter!