Conveners Needed

Gateway Ringette Convenor

The Convenor is primarily responsible for, and not limited to, assisting in coaching selection, ensuring teams are created equal (to the best of his/her ability). The Convenor is the advocate for the ringette program growth development and ensures the program and teams run smoothly out of Gateway throughout the season.

Gateway Hosts 2 teams each year a U10 and a U12.

Description of position

-Attend monthly Gateway board meetings.

-Attend a monthly River East Ringette Association (RERA) board meeting (there might be a few extra at the beginning of the season when tryouts are taking place and team formation).

– Act as the contact person between the Gateway board and RERA board.

-Act as the contact person for parents and players needing information or who have questions.

-May work with either board on various initiatives, where required (ex: during tryouts, playoffs etc.)

-At the beginning of the season, gather all Gateway registrations from the Gateway Office Manager (Sherri) and forward to RERA Registrar.

-Forward the Gateway ice contract to the RERA ice scheduler. (Gateway ice is Mondays, Wednesdays at 6pm and Sunday Mornings at 7:30am.

-Be available, if necessary, to help Coaching Director with interviews.

-Provide mediation when teams, coaches and /or parents come into conflict.

-Be familiar with Rules and Regulations. Assist Coaches when called upon to clarify league rules and guidelines.

-Ensure that all coaches, managers, Trainers and other bench staff have the necessary certification levels as required by the Manitoba Ringette Association (MRA).

-Attend both the Gateway and RERA AGM Meetings.

-Assist with other functions of Gateway and the Board when possible. (I.e., Strategic Planning, Winter/Summer Carnival, etc)