Volunteer Credit Policy

Gateway Recreation Centre Inc. Sports Registration Refund Policy

The Sports Registration Refund will apply for the following special events and coaching volunteer opportunities:

Special Events
This includes winter and summer carnival as well as any other events Gateway Recreation Centre Inc is hosting or organising. In general the volunteer requirement will be 4 hours per child per sport season. Does not include the Winter Carnival sale of 50/50’s. This is based on a 1st come 1st serve basis.

This applies to a parent/ guardian of a Gateway Recreation Centre Inc. registered child participating on a Gateway Recreation Centre team or affiliated team. i.e. REMHA A hockey, East St. Paul A Hockey team, RERA teams, etc..

A maximum of 3 coaches per team in the sport of hockey and ringette are eligible for the registration refund. All other sports will have a maximum of 2 coaches per team. Head Coach will determine who receives the Sport Registration refund.

Sports Registration Refund Amount
$50.00 is to be refunded at the completion of the sport season or end of the month the event took place.
A maximum of 1 credit per child per sport season is allowed.